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St Albans Playing Kit and Branded Attire

St Albans HC playing kit and branded attire is available to order during a number of three-day ‘ordering windows’ throughout the season. Our kit is designed and manufactured by Tsunami who are based in Hong Kong. To keep costs down, most of the clothing is made to order and delivered to a central location in St Albans for onward distribution.

Our contractual arrangement with Tsunami is that they supply kit to the club on an exclusive basis. Therefore, any kit that we wish to order must be through Tsunami. Members cannot arrange to have kit produced by any other provider. If you wish to arrange for a particular product for your team or a particular event, please discuss it with Becky Turner, our CEO.

How to order

The order windows are published on the website with a link to the shop, which is managed by our supplier, Tsunami. The link is only open when the ordering window is open. It is extremely easy to order your kit.

When the shop is closed, it's still possible to browse the range of kit on offer using the media gallery on this website - click here.

Stock Kit

The club pre-purchases some items of playing kit (shirts, shorts/skorts, socks) which is held in stock by Tsunami. This kit is delivered to the UK approximately ten days after the ordering window has closed.

Non-Stock Kit

Items that are not available from stock, including all off-pitch/branded attire will be made to order and delivery to the UK will be approximately six weeks after the ordering window has closed.

Delivery of kit

When the kit has arrived, you will receive an email from the club, confirming that your order is ready for collection. You will be given a collection number and details on how to arrange collection. Collection times are extremely flexible and it is very easy to pick up your orders.

Please note that Tsunami apply a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on newly launched products. If these quantities are not met orders may be held, and the ordering window extended, or the orders carried over into the next window. If this does occur and your specific order is affected, you will be notified. For all other items there is no MOQ.


August4-6 Augustcirca 14th August week of 18th September
September1-3 Septembercirca 11th September week of 16th October
October29 September - 1 Octobercirca 9th October week of 13th November
November3-5 Novembercirca 13th November week of 18th December
December1-3 Decembercirca 11th December week of 15th January
January5-7 Januarycirca 15th January week of 11th March
February2-4 Februarycirca 12th February week of 1st April


Please use the following link to access the online store.

If you are having trouble with the link, please switch off wireless and use phone data. This is an issue with internet providers and beyond the control of the club and the supplier.

Club Colours for men, women and youth players:

Home: tangerine shirt, navy shorts/skorts, tangerine socks
Away: white shirt, navy shorts/skorts, white socks

Shirt numbers and allocation:

Senior section: All members playing adult hockey are required by the leagues to have an individual player number.

Youth section: Any members aged 12+ who are likely to play senior hockey should have a player number on their shirt.

For youth players normally only a home shirt will be required unless they are over 13 and playing adult hockey as well.

Your player number is allocated by Tsunami at the time of placing your order.

If you are a new senior member or a youth member who's moving into the senior teams, please order your shirt using Option 2 - yet to be issued Back number (stock item). The next free number will then be allocated to you, printed on your shirt and sent to you as a stock item.

If you have a shirt number and wish to order a new shirt you will need to inform Tsunami during the order process and they will manufacture a shirt for you. This will therefore take six weeks.

Please ensure your shirt number is added to your Pitchero membership details. If you have forgotten your shirt number please contact the membership secretary.

If you would like to try sample sizes of the playing kit, please contact Becky Turner or compare kit sizes with other players. We do not have samples of hoodies or tracksuit bottoms; however, size guides are available on the website for reference.

size guides are available on the website for reference.

We strongly recommend checking sizes before committing to the purchase. As the kit is made to order, Tsunami dot not accept returns. Please DO NOT rely on the age alone for Youth sizing as these differ from UK shops.

Tsunami do not accept returns. Please ensure you have checked sizes prior to placing an order.

If you have any issues with the manufacturing of your kit or branded attire please contact Becky Turner.

Bobble hats

Bobble hats are available to buy during the season from the kitchen and bar.


We do hold some socks in stock and will sell these at club events.

Base layers: we do not supply SAHC branded base layers, but there are plenty of tangerine/white base layers available from other providers.

Questions about the ordering process:

If you require any additional information please contact Becky Turner