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Second-hand kit - donate & buy on Grassroots app

Second-hand kit - donate & buy on Grassroots app

Communications Manager10 Sep 2023 - 15:16
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We're excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with a new sport fundraising initiative called Grassboots.

Many of you have been asking about second-hand kit and we’ve tried various ways to manage it. This is our solution and we hope you agree that it’s a great idea.

Teaming up with Grassboots means we now have our very own dedicated online marketplace for our members to donate and buy pre-loved sports clothing and equipment, including any second-hand St Albans kit.

There are four main benefits for you and the club:

1. The club gets its very own online 24/7 marketplace.
2. It allows members to declutter and recycle sports kit by donating, at any time during the year.
3. Members can buy great value second-hand sportswear at a fraction of high street prices.
4. St Albans Hockey Club receives funding from every sale, which we can feed back in to the club and facilities.

Its simple to use.
- Photograph the items that you wish to sell
- Post it on to the app with your description
- Liaise with the purchaser
- Arrange collection
75% of the sale cost goes to the club, 25% goes to Grassboots.

We are thrilled about the fundraising and recycling opportunities this marketplace initiative brings, but also the cost saving benefits to our members during these increasingly difficult times.

To make it successful it needs you to be active on the marketplace, so please support the club and encourage recycling by downloading the app via the website or by typing ‘’ in your App Store. When you register as a member, click on St Albans Hockey Club to link to the club and start donating/buying today!

Becky Turner
CEO and Kit Management

PS family and friends can also use it to donate and buy second-hand items - the more they donate and buy, the more fundraising the club earns - so spread the word.

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