St Albans HC future development
  1. Five Year Plan
  2. ClubMark
  3. Talent Centre
St Albans HC future development
  1. Five Year Plan
  2. ClubMark
  3. Talent Centre
Five Year Plan
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1. Five Year Plan


The club needs to be bold and ambitious. We need to ensure that our members feel like they belong to ‘The Best Hockey Club in The World’. Being the ‘Best in The World’ will look different for each of our members. To this end, the club has conducted a survey to listen to members, and to what can be done to deliver member interests.


Club members need to share the same values and always conduct themselves in a manner that matches them, both on and off the pitch.

RESPECT - The way we treat other people should be an important part of who we are and how we want to be perceived.

ENJOYMENT - Being a member of SAHC should be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

INCLUSIVITY - SAHC should be a club for anyone and everyone who wants to be associated with us and behave according to our values. No one should feel excluded from belonging to the club.

TOGETHERNESS - We are stronger and better and achieve so much more if we are together.

COMPETITIVENESS - Anyone who plays against a SAHC side should always know that there will be no easy games.

Focus Areas
Adult Hockey
- Senior Teams
- Masters
- Indoor
Youth Hockey
Performance Hockey
Governance & Management
Club House Operations
Local Community
Club Community

The management team intends to share the goals for each of the focus areas by the start of the 2023/2024 season. Anyone keen to become involved in any of these focus groups should contact John Garner.