St.Albans Hockey Club U12 Girls D Fixtures - 2018/19 Season

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Sun 30 Sep 2018 Round robin(H) Home (Beaumont School) 10:00League
Sun 14 Oct 2018 Round robin(A) Away (Leighton Buzzard HC, The Clay Pipe Public House, Appenine Way, Leighton Buzzard)14:15League
Sun 18 Nov 2018 Round robin(A) Away (Lord William's School Astro, Oxford Road, Thame)10:30League
Sun 02 Dec 2018 Round robin(H) Home (Oaklands College Pitches) TBCLeague
Sun 13 Jan 2019 Round robin(A) Away (West Herts HC< the New Playing Field Playing Field, Conningesby Drive, Watford)10:30League
Sun 03 Feb 2019 Round robin(A) Away (amersham & Chalfont HC, Amersham & Wycombe College Campus, Lincoln Park, Off Stanely Hill, Amersham)14:00League CANCELLED
Sun 24 Mar 2019 Round robin(A) Away (Tring HC, RAF Halton Astro, Chestnut Avenue, Halton Camp)13:15League