St.Albans Hockey Club

Mens 1st XI Mens 1st XI

Captain : Paul Cooper

Previous clubs: Canterbury HC, Holcombe HC, Cockomouth Under 12s

Honours: Downed a pint in 5 seconds! Scored 30 off one over in cricket!

Ambitions: Cow tipping world champion! Extreme Ironing UK representative!
Tom (Max) Burrows
Known by everyone at the club as Max. (Thanks to the Gov!)
Moved to the club this year from Tring Hockey Club.
Previous Clubs:
Tring HC
Aylesbury U18s
Matthew Burton-Bowen
Previous Clubs: Leek, Indian Gym, Central HC (South Africa), Riverside Lions (Australia), Canterbury HC.

Current 1st XI player coach

Sometimes quite loud.
Likes to swear (a little)
Likes doing impressions of the game in post match debrief.
Better known as "Tazer" (or Razor if you are the Governor). Can be often found in Student Union bars on Wednesday nights feeding some utter drivel to the ladies or stumbling around chanting "UNI" as loud as possible.

Former Club: Loughborough Students

Awards: Quote of the Season 2010/11

Ambitions: Less goals through the legs; Graduate....someday
John Mould
Jack of all positions and master of none!! Normally known as Mouldy
James O'Keeffe

Crowd pleasing, girl teasing

Former Clubs: Blackheath HC, Bournemouth HC,              Bournemouth University HC
Graduated from the University of Birmingham, Ravi joined St Albans in 2009 and made a name for himself as an attacking left half. 

Through @ravivijh Ravi has brought St Albans men's first XI into the world of social networking #andthatishockey
Previous clubs: University of Nottingham HC, Valencia HC.

Overall an attacking player. If lost, please check the top of the D or far post.

Interesting fact: I like scoring goals. I am also not a fan of gates.

Aim for the season: score more goals than Friendy (again!).
Performance history